Bitch Number 1

Dish Network

If you are considering Satilite TV, Stay away from these Assholes

The system is always seams to lose its signal. even when its sunny. It seems a flock of birds flying over head is all it takes.

And if you check out the TOP 60 Programming You will be hard pressed to find 2 or three channels that are even in the top 500. And heaven forbid if you are a conservative on a fixed income, as they seam to feel that if you are not a liberal minded person, then you need to pay more for real news such as Fox News.

On the Bright side, and this is a strech, if you are an invalid and you like home shopping, then the TOP 60 might fill your needs. Also they seem to feel that the Bingo Channel is in the Top 60 so get out your markers and have a blast.

Wanna Bitch ?
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